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Volunteer Declaration

Few points to keep in mind while Volunteering at Shelter Don Bosco
( When you volunteer, you give part of yourself, your time, energy, skills and feelings).
  1. Take permission from the director or concerned staff before you take any activity or step.
  2. Get the details of the centre where you are placed in that is the time table of the daily schedule for the boys, activities, events etc.
  3. Take up a project, its details and see where you will fit yourself in.
  4. Be committed to the activity you take because it will be adjusted according to the time schedule and incase of cancellations the organization will fall prey to last minute changes and allot new activity, so please inform incase of cancellations.. Do be responsible.
  5. Show up on time and follow through with your commitments. People will be depending on you.
  6. Do attend orientation meetings. Keep in mind that informed volunteers are the best volunteers. These meetings will help you do the best job possible.
  7. Smoking & alcohol is forbidden in shelter & in front of the boys. If you need to do it, you will have to go outside, not to be seen by any of the boys, since some of them have been addicted to cigarettes or drugs & are on a detoxification. Avoid smelling any of those things while being with the boys.
  8. Don’t give your mobile number, address or email address (children are on the internet they might misuse) to any of the boys to avoid troubles and wrong impressions. You are a volunteer but not his close friend.
  9. This is the same special attention to any individual boy. As their “Didi” (big sister) or “Bhai” (brother) you have to pay everyone the same amount of attention. You shouldn’t give any presents to an individual boy, all presents should be communal.
  10. At 10pm the boys go to sleep and the watchman closes the gate at this time. Make sure you leave the shelter not after that time, because the boys are supposed to sleep.
  11. Do not give false promises. If you promise a child with something make it a point to fulfill it.
  12. Take care of your valuables and belongings the organization wont be responsible of any loss.
  13. Do not take the children out without permission.
  14. Stay calm at all times and understand the child’s emotions and actions due to his life experiences.
  15. Keep a healthy and joyful behavior while dealing with these children.
  16. Do not discuss your own personal matters in detail with the children.
  17. Do not criticize, shout, fight, hit or disrespect a child.
  18. Do not pamper a single child, keep a common behavior for all children.
  19. Always encourage and appreciate even a small act by the child.
  20. Guide them on their superstitions, beliefs, thoughts, dreams and wishes in the right direction.
  21. If you wish to help a child in case of an admission, training, job, recreational class then please do it only after the director’s permission.
  22. If you are facing any behavioral changes (problems) in relationship with you and the child immediately inform the concerned staff or director.
  23. Use good language in front of the children, do not use or teach abusive words.
  24. Do not force a child to talk about himself unless he wishes to.
  25. If he is not in mood to talk do not force him it is his emotional mood swings which makes him behave that way, instead guide him to get busy in some joyful activity.
  26. Please co-operate with the staff and concerned while taking up any action or activities.
  27. Greet the children with a smile and respond to his actions and make him feel that you are listening.
  28. If a child offers you food, sweets, gifts etc accept it with a smile.
  29. Do not hold hands , waist or keep hands on shoulders while walking on the streets.(hugging and kissing is also forbidden)
  30. Maintain a safe distance with the boys do not get them too emotionally and physically involved with you.
  31. Do not give any amount of money to the children.
  32. You will need to follow a certain Dress code. It is advisable to wear your normal clothes like shirts, trousers & long skirts but all volunteers are expected to dress respectably around the boys. Women should dress modestly & avoid showing too much skin. (low necklines, singlets , shorts, short skirts, translucent ,three fourths etc. Women are best preferred in salwar kameez long kurtas with jeans and sarees .Men should dress respectably and avoid anything too unkempt.
  33. Do be flexible. It is rare to find the perfect fit right away. Keep an open mind you might discover something new that interests you.
  34. Do not take children to your home or friends.
  35. Do not give your mobiles to the children.
  36. Incase if a child asks you to call someone do not entertain them.
  37. All funds and charities should be handed over to the administrator or directors in concern.
  38. No pictures to be clicked.

Volunteering can be exciting, growing and enjoyable experience. It is truly gratifying to serve a cause, practice one’s ideals, work with people, solve problems, see benefits and know one had a hand in them. Everybody can be great because anybody can serve .You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You only need to have a heartful of grace, a soul generated of love. It is a rare and high privilege to be in a position to help people understand the differences that they can make notonly in their own lives but in the lives of others by simply giving of themselves. May you have a great experience in working with us at Shelter Don Bosco…….God bless you.. Thank you.

I hereby agree to the above rules and regulations of your organization. I understand of what is expected of me and would give my best to your organization and its help in making a difference in the lives of others.