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What We Do?

...... Work with the Rootless and roofless victims of poverty, abuse, cruelty, abandonment and natural calamities.

Help them to wean from Substance Abuse.

Provide a home to educate, train and equip them with life skills and encourage savings.

Enable these children to be well adjusted, productive, responsible, independent and contributive citizens.

Reach the Unreached !!!

  1. Outreach: Seek out children of the streets and educate them about leading a more fulfilling life.

  2. Therapy: Wean them away from the streets and substance abuse.

  3. Education: Provide education and encourage them to start saving.

  4. Training: Impart life skills training as well as technical training.

  5. Restoration: Return to their homes or group homes for independent living.

  6. Prevention: Prevent At- Risk Groups from coming on the Streets.