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Children at Shelter are counselled to educate ,trained in a skill and to aim to achieve a goal in their life. The job market is competitive and many youth are exploited because of their lack of knowledge, education and skills. Even though he may acquire the skill, a street youth/Ngo child may not find employment. The challenge is to match the needs for specific education, training and employment for this group of vulnerable youth.

Shelter Don Bosco aims to empower these youth by offering them career options, enhancing knowledge and skills with respect to job opportunities, enabling them to choose appropriate job training that will in turn lead to secure employment. Information on career opportunities will also be made available to personnel from NGOs and Community Based Organisations. Shelter Don Bosco Facilitates children with Career Counseling, Udaan- A National Career Mela, and A Career Expo for Marginalized Youth (Annual event), Chota Udaan(monthly) and have now launched a Career Market Place called Naukriadda- a platform where children from various ngos can acess the webpage for choosing career options suitable to their profile.

Childrens' Comments:

  1. "I am happy to know that I have so many opportunities for courses and jobs even after have less educational qualifications." - Shahid

  2. "Seeing so many options, I am confused but will surely choose what I want to do in the near future." - Sujeet

Career Mela Ideology :

  1. Orientation / Preparation Phase (Handled by various NGos)

  2. Information,Demonstration, Exposure & Guidance (at Ngos/Chota Udaan/Udaan )

  3. Compiltaion of trainings, Apprenticeship, Courses and Placement Institutes)

  4. Collaborative Tie-ups with training, apprenticeship institutes and through corporate (CSR policies)

  5. Career Guidance Counseling, Realistic Goal setting, achievable targets (alternative plans A/B/C)

  6. Requirements for training courses/academic, certificates /non-academics skills/time, period required/supports
    (ie. ngo financial, board & lodging)

  7. Preparation for entrance tests/interviews/CVS/appointment for training & Placement institutes

  8. Follow up, Post Institutional Care, Referrals at Outreach Points (By respective NGOs)

  9. Rehabilitation /Repatriation /Independent living

  10. To become productive and contributive citizens of India.