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Art Work

Art is a means of communicating ideas, feelings, and solutions in a way other than verbally or written. Everyone has an imagination. Art takes it a step further. Through art, children create something that, until that point, was only imagined. Thus, they create visual manifestations of abstract ideas. Creative art and therapy is a form of expressive therapy which is a major help in dealing with emotions,positive as well as negative expressions of these marginalized youth. Besides using art as a therapy children love playing with colors and paper. Art making is seen as an opportunity to express oneself imaginatively, authentically, and spontaneously, an experience that, over time, can lead to personal fulfillment, emotional reparation, and recovery.

Hamara Adda – The Art Workshop facilitates children with various creative activities like greeting card making,candles,Key chains,paper bags,bead art,jewellery art etc. The Workshop also conducts various art activities,Competitions and sessions in order to bring in interest in art and explore their creative side. Children are encouraged to participate in various drawing and art Competitions in schools and clubs.

Children’s Comments:

  1. "Whatever thoughts I get about stars,open skies,flowers,birds I always wait to put it on paper."- Khaleel

  2. "I like to make and learn new creative artwork taught in hamara adda.”- Raju

  3. "I like when people appreciate my artwork and always want to explore and make innovative things.”- Kisan